Guangzhou Yueyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. ( is composed of Guangdong Yuehai, Jungong Communication No. 7** Factory and Silicon Valley Zhikong. The current UEIUA Electronics Group Guangzhou No. 3 Factory-Guangzhou Yueyuan is mainly engaged in industrial controllers. Equipment design and hardware power supply design, software and hardware development, cost optimization, rapid proofing and post-production and testing services.
    UEIUA has a professional R&D team, specializing in the micro-control and embedded system development of single-chip microcomputers. Combined with the company's complete and scientific production quality management system, it can produce high-quality and high-quality control products at the fastest speed. The company's products are sold all over the country and exported to 90 countries and regions around the world, and have been widely praised by domestic and foreign
    The company always takes th

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Adapting to the role of cultural transformation - training o

Adapting to the role of cultural transformation - training o

From July 9th to 14, we are on the 25 new recruits to the entry training and development training. Induction training in our conference room held, training contents include: ldquo; safety education rdquo;, ldquo; company profile rdquo;, ldq...



Silicone sales skills to share

today morning, of the Department of foreign trade sales experts came to share the experience in sales of silica gel, although its content usually speak the whole sales process, surface see is in the foreign trade company sales department, t...



Learn ISO management system, construct corporate culture

May 28.29.30, we held a ISO training courses for learning, the major departments, head and a few ordinary members of the company participated in the project training and learning. The company has long maintained the atmosphere of training t...

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