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 Investment Profile


The company's equity investors have been Guangdong Yuehai, Jungong Communication No. 7 ** factory, Silicon Valley Zhikong and other major enterprises, including one of its divisions has been listed in the Guangdong Equity Exchange Center, stock code: 892370.

The company's existing business scope includes: Solar Power, Mobile Power,LED Grow Lights, ODM projects and the Internet of Things.

The company now recruits partner shareholders worldwide, including but not limited to venture capital, project partners, contract investors, and strategic investments such as opening subsidiaries.

The investment method is flexible and safe, with a stable capital preservation investment method and common conventional investment methods.

The company's distributors, employees, VIP customers and project partners are also welcome to join us as our partner shareholders.

Investor Visit Appointment

If you have any investment cooperation intentions, please come to our company for on-the-spot investigation and research. In order to plan and arrange the investor research trip reasonably, please send your contact information and the itinerary plan to Handel@ueiua.com, We will contact you in time to arrange your trip.