International sales network
International Sales Network

Become Our Global Distributors
The company's business scope: solar power, mobile power, LED Grow Lights, ODM projects and the Internet of Things. Among them, solar power, mobile power and LED Grow Lights have a certain market share and good reputation in the world.
We have many years of experience and cases of successful distributors cooperation, and have the ability to make you a successful distributors.
The distributors policies are as follows:
1. Dealers will enjoy ex-factory price concessions;
2. Give certain market support to the first purchaser;
3. Give certain year-end rewards and rebate rebates to those who complete the year-end;
4. Partnership development;
5. Other preferential matters;
To apply to become a distributor, please contact:
North America Agency  UEIUA Solar Controller Official Flagship Store on Amazon
China Alibaba Store  UEIUA Solar Controller Official Flagship Store on Amazon
Other distributors please contact us for enquiry or verification

Marketing Center
E-mail: (for LED Grow Lights) (for Solar Electronic Products)
Mobile Phone:

86-18002229440(for Solar Electronic Products)
86-18027386808 (for LED Grow Lights)
Telephone: 86-20-36048087
Factory Tel:
Factory Address:  No. 19 Jianggao Zhenliu Lianlun Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou,China.